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Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Desk

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Desk

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Desk

Need a quiet place to work, study, or just relax and get your helmet changed? This cool new Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Desk from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (and Regal Robot Custom Studio here on Earth) is a custom-designed desk set inspired by Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber / Life Support Pod aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor in The Empire Strikes Back. While it's not the full hexagonal pod with dual encapsulating hemispheres as seen in the movie, which would have been beyond cool and extra relaxing, it does capture the iconic look of the chamber with a bright white three-side desk attached to a rear wall of angles that look as if they are reaching up to interlock with the top half of the pod. To complete the look, it includes a faux leather meditation stool and an adjustable desk lamp above that mimics the descent of Vader's helmet on a crane. Again, this a custom piece, but you too can submit a request to have one of your very own created... Super Star Destroyer not included.

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