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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape

Lando Calrissian Replica Cape

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"He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him." - Han Solo (The Empire Strikes Back)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, wearing a fine cape was probably the coolest thing anyone could wear... as long as it was Lando Calrissian. Well, back here on Earth, now you too can try to be one of the most charming, smooth talking rogues in the galaxy, but only if you wear this cool new Lando Calrissian Replica Cape. This dashing replica of Lando Calrissian's cape from Solo: A Star Wars Story features a crepe weave outer fabric, satin weave inner lining, faux leather collar with parallel decorative stitch, and removable strap buttons on the collar to keep it in place when battling the Empire. A magnificent cape room on the Millennium Falcon is not included, unless you "win it" during a game of sabacc of course.

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Patron Pocket - Tequila Holster Belt
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FlexiFreeze Ice Vest
This thin and lightweight cooling vest has 96 pure water ice packets in the inner lining that can be frozen in your freezer to help bring down your body's core temperature.
Paper Beats Rock T-Shirt
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Black Beret Shower Cap
If more of the French actually showered, they might wear this cool new Black Beret Shower Cap to keep their hair from getting wet. I guess if you need a shower cap, you might as well get a fun one. Also available in Raspberry and Devil Horns.

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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
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Lando Calrissian Replica Cape
Your legs are the horse's back legs and you simply stand straight up, so it appears that the three-dimensional inflatable horse is bucking. Around your waist are two inflatable legs wearing jeans and cowboy boots to complete the illusion.

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