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Star Wars Eau Lando Cologne

Star Wars Eau Lando Cologne

Star Wars Eau Lando Cologne

"Hello, what have we here?"

- Lando Calrissian, upon first meeting Princess Leia

I don't know if it'll help all the Star Wars fanboys score with all the ladies of the universe, but splashing on a little Eau Lando Cologne is probably their only hope. Lando Calrissian - once a suave card player, gambler and scoundrel who became a businessman up in the clouds is a man well known for his sophisticated taste, expensive and fashionable clothes, excessive style and class, and of course, his female companionship. All of this intergalactic roguish charm has finally been captured and bottled by Ugnaughts in an extremely limited edition cologne that is a potent mix of mandarin warmed with incense and lotus flower, exotic woods, dark violet and sensuous musk. The bottle even wears a little cape, because it can!

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