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3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter

3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter

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I've never looked at a sandwich and thought it was utterly adorable before, but that all changes with this cool new 3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter. Just press down the sandwich cutter on a slice of bread, choose either a panda, frog, or bear face stamp and press that down to create the face, push the top crust edges behind the animal's head to prop it up, pull the arms outward to hold a little strawberry or something, and smile. It almost makes a tasty sandwich too cute to eat. Almost.

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An innovative non-stick frying pan with a unique high-rise lip that lets you flip and saute foods with ease.
Banana Juice Maker
A fun, hand-powered blender for kids that lets them make banana juice and banana smoothies with ease.
Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board
This massive oak serving board is nearly 4 feet long and can span the middle of a tabletop to present multiple cheeses, meats, fruits, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, and other tasty bites to your hungry guests.
Butter-Making Kit
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Stuffed Pancake Maker
This pancake griddle makes stuffed pancakes filled with sweets like fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles, candy, and spreads or even savory fillings.
OXO Corn Peeler
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Heart And Star Vegetable and Fruit Molds
Slip these over vegetables and fruits as they're growing to mold them over time into fun star and heart shapes come harvest.
Glass Beverage Dispenser With Flavor Infuser
This cool new glass beverage dispenser not only holds 1.5 gallons of a thirst-quenching beverage, it also has a fruit infuser insert that adds tasty flavor too.

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3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
Eco-friendly and reusable sandwich wraps keep food moist and fresh for hours and when unwrapped, flatten out into a handy crumb-catching plate and placemat as well!
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
Forget looking for the lost lid of your lunch storage container and never again worry about it leaking, because this unique insulated container has an innovative lidless design that twists and seals closed.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
This hardcore stainless steel food carrier with three self-latching tiers of food storage is a unique alternative to packing lunches in cheap plastic containers and disposable bags every day.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
These fun reusable zipper bags are realistically printed to look like mason jars and even stand upright when filled.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
It may look like a 2D hand-drawn fast food burger box straight out of a cartoon or comic strip, but it's actually a fully functional and reusable sandwich bag in disguise.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
Unlike flimsy paper bags and cheap plastic food containers, this unique ceramic- and glass-like lunch box is more functional, versatile and durable!
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
Class up your love of ramen, protect your hands, and take these tasty noodles on the go with this cool new Cup Noodles Instant Ramen Mug.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
When properly muzzled, this fearsome T-Rex dinosaur head can hold either an entire lunch in its mouth or double as an intimidating storage case for small items.
3D Panda / Bear / Frog Sandwich Cutter
This portable self-heated lunch box / food warmer heats up refrigerated meals to 145-165 degrees F in only 10-15 minutes... anywhere you may roam.

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