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Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer

Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer

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Upgrade your boring old brown bag sandwich lunch or just save money avoiding pricey fast food and take-out when you eat food that's much healthier and tastier from this cool new Hot Bento. This portable self-heated lunch box / food warmer heats up refrigerated meals to 145-165 degrees F in only 10-15 minutes... anywhere you may roam. Just double press the power button to unleash the battery-powered heat across the nonstick-coated stainless steel food tray. It's perfect for reheating chicken, pasta, vegetables, burritos, or whatever you want at school, offices, job sites, picnics, campsites, and more.

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Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
A fully automatic version of the infamous frozen concoction maker.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Achieve perfect steakhouse level steaks at home with this smokeless, electric steak grill that reaches extreme temperatures up to 1500 degrees in just minutes.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Just fill up this innovative baby gadget with soft fruits, cooked vegetables or pasta, squeeze the handle and watch as it instantly purees it into nutritious and healthy baby food.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Skip the drive-thru every morning and the guilt afterwards, because now you can quickly and easily make healthier breakfast sandwiches using your own fresh, quality ingredients right at home.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Make tasty waffle bowls with nearly unlimited filling possibilities. Fill with butter and syrup, fruits, ice cream, eggs and sausage, fried chicken, and more!
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
This climate-controlled walk-in cooler stores up to 30 cases of beer and 4 kegs and includes a built-in beer dispensing kegerator on the outside wall as well.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
This summer, forget driving around looking for a refreshing slushie to cool you down, just make your own at home with this cool new countertop-sized ICEE Slushie Making Machine.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Sometimes, don't you just want to have one cookie? A single warm homemade cookie and not a huge bag of stale, brand-name, junk food cookies from the store.
Hot Bento - Self-Heated Lunch Box / Food Warmer
Produces true cold brew coffee that is less acidic, less bitter, and much smoother than hot coffee in under 20 minutes. No more overnight wait.

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