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Submersible LED Tea Lights

Submersible LED Tea Lights

Submersible LED Tea Lights

Add some illumination to your drinks, ice cubes, vases, beverage dispensers, pools, and more with these cool new Submersible LED Tea Lights. A regular tea light candle obviously wouldn't work when submerged, but this is the 21st century and there are now things like LEDs, mini batteries, and waterproof cases. Just twist the base to activate the shimmering white light (color-changing versions available too), drop into any water-filled container, and enjoy the glow for up to 48 hours. A cool and decorative solution for parties, weddings, holidays, power outages, or whenever.

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  • 12 Submersible LED Tea Lights
  • Use in floral arrangements, beverage dispensers, pools, aquariums, and other water-filled containers
  • A simple twist of the base turns these mini tea lights on
  • Battery-powered mini tea lights are easy to operate and reusable
  • Great for parties, weddings, holidays and more
  • Provide up to 48 hours of illumination
  • Available in glowing white or mesmerizing color-changing styles

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