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BrasaFire - Indoor Outdoor Fire Pillar

BrasaFire - Indoor Outdoor Fire Pillar

As cool as it would be to have real medieval flaming torches lining the walls of your home, it's obviously not all that safe in this modern age. However, the Brasafire - Indoor Outdoor Fire Pillar is a cool new alternative. This sleek freestanding fire pillar is a dramatic fusion of a torch and fireplace all-in-one. They can be placed indoors in hallways, entryways and open floor areas in large rooms or outdoors on your patio, deck or just framing your front door. They are constructed from tempered glass and carbon steel, come in black, white or chrome, burn for up to 2.5 hours and include a wide tipped lighter, snuffer and a quart of fuel.

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  • A dramatic addition to any space, inside or out
  • Fire pillar made of tempered glass and carbon steel
  • Pillar flame lights easily and burns for up to 2.5 hours
  • Lighter, snuffer and a quart of fuel included
  • Colors: black, white or chrome
  • Size: 40" H x 10" L x 18" W - 19 lbs

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