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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches

Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches

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Forget those typical tacky tiki torches and impress your guests with a bit more dramatic backyard fiery flare with these cool new Terra Flame Mason Torches. These stunning outdoor torches are constructed from corten weathering steel that develops a protective rust-like-patina when exposed to the elements, have exposed grating that reveals stacked white quartz rock inside, and a beveled top edge to complete the sculptural look. They use standard fuel canisters that can output up to 3,000 BTUs of heat, can be mounted to a deck or installed in the ground with an optional auger piece, and come in three sizes. 🔥

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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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Terra Flame Corten Steel Mason Torches
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