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WineOvation Bowling Pin Electric Wine Bottle Opener

WineOvation Bowling Pin Electric Wine Bottle Opener

WineOvation Bowling Pin Electric Wine Bottle Opener

When I think bowling, I don't think mind-blowing excitement. However, when bowling is mixed with wine drinking, it does sound a bit more interesting. This cool new WineOvation Bowling Pin is a fun electric corkscrew that looks like a bowling pin sitting on your bar when not in use, but when it's time to open some bottles, it can yank a cork out in mere seconds with ease. To use, just place this realistic, high gloss bowling pin over the wine bottle, push the button, and the cork is automatically extracted. Push the other button and the cork is then removed from the pin. This cordless electric wine bottle opener is also rechargeable, can remove up to 30 corks per charge, and it even includes a handy foil cutter. After a bottle or two, it's also great for showing off your juggling skills as well... hmm, don't do that.

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  • WineOvation Electric Wine Opener Bowling Pin
  • Why are all powered wine openers so boring?
  • Cordless Bowling Pin can open a bottle of wine in seconds
  • Simply push the button down to remove the cork from the bottle and push the button up to extract the cork from the Pin
  • Rechargeable - Will uncork over 30 bottles of wine on a single charge
  • There is no need to physically pull the cork out as the opener does all the heavy lifting for you
  • Stylish high gloss realistic bowling pin
  • Looks fantastic sitting on the home bar giving a super awesome retro look
  • Includes wall charger and foil cutter
  • Almost the size of an actual pin. Just a bit smaller.

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