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Lightsaber Bottle Opener

Lightsaber Bottle Opener

Lightsaber Bottle Opener

"Your father wanted you to have this... when you were old enough."

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when Jedi Knights weren't slaying Sith Lords and Battle Droids, they were usually hanging low and knocking a few back at some shady outer rim cantina full of scum and villainy. Since the searing laser blade of a traditional lightsaber would be overkill to remove a mere bottle cap (screw caps don't exist anywhere outside of Earth, of course), they used miniature Lightsaber Bottle Openers. These elegant bar tools from a more civilized age feature tough, stainless steel opener tips, sculpted resin lightsaber hilts and are handy for prying off Droid restraining bolts as well. Actually, it's all a lie, everyone knows that Jedis use the Force to remove bottle caps and these are just cool new Star Wars collectibles.

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