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Microwave Soup Bowl Holders / Hand Protectors / Trivets

Microwave Soup Bowl Holders / Hand Protectors / Trivets

Microwave Soup Bowl Holders / Hand Protectors / Trivets

Are you a soup lover that keeps burning their hands on screaming hot microwave bowls? Then check out these cool new Microwave Safe Bowl Holders from Weber's Wonders. These convenient soup bowl cozies wrap around hot bowls coming out of the microwave to act like pot holders when transporting them to the dining table or kitchen countertop. They also double as trivets to protect surfaces from the heat or even the freezing cold from frozen foods like ice cream and are perfect for serving up and passing hot bowls around the table as well. Now if you do still spill something on them, they clean up easily in a quick trip through the washing machine.

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  • Weber's Wonders Microwave Safe Bowl Holders
  • Get that bowl from the microwave to the table without burning or spilling
  • Hold your ice cream with your hands and put it on your lap without feeling the freeze
  • Safely pull bowl right out of the microwave and carry it when grabbed by the edges of this bowl holder
  • Heat-resistant bowl's cozy pad material protects your hands from heated plates, bowls, and other dishes
  • They also work as potholders, jar openers, and as trivets
  • Also protects furniture from melting desserts
  • Handle hot bowls without burning or injuring your fingers
  • Machine or hand-washable - Durable and reusable
  • Fits most bowl sizes: 7" Square x 4" High

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