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Towel Push Hooks

Towel Push Hooks

Towel Push Hooks

These cool new Towel Push Hooks are a unique alternative to traditional hooks and rods that tend to damage towels and let them slip down onto the floor. Just press a hand towel, bath towel, wash cloth, old rag, or whatever towel you wish into the silicone jaws of the towel push hook to hold it firmly in place and then give it a simple tug to remove it again with ease. Great for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, workshop, garage, wet bar, poolside, and more. They come in a set of two and include two installation options: self-adhesive backing and wall mounting hardware.

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  • Set of two Towel Push Hooks
  • Unique way to hold towels in place while eliminating the frustration caused by frequent towel slip offs and towel damage from hooks
  • Hang tea towels, hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths, and more
  • Use as Bathroom Dual Towel Hooks, Shower Towel Hooks, Kitchen Towel Hook, or Decorative Towel Hooks.
  • Simply push the towel into the silicone jaws or pull it out for smooth removal!
  • Towels stay firmly in place
  • 2 Way To Install: Self-adhesive tape and mounting hardware

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