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Warrior Guard - Leather Wastebasket

Warrior Guard - Leather Wastebasket

Warrior Guard - Leather Wastebasket

The Inca Empire was quite massive in its day, so it used a network of highly trained messengers known as the Chasquis to relay spoken messages and goods throughout the land. Well, the cool new, yet ancient inspired, Warrior Guard - Leather Wastebasket honors one of these tireless Chasqui warriors using detailed imagery tooled in quality leather. Although the Incas were more or less wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro and a devastating epidemic of Smallpox, the artisan spirit of the Incas thankfully lives on through artists like Moises Alvarez, who handcrafts these leather wastebaskets and other unique Peruvian items. So there you go, a little history nugget, a cool new product and an introduction to a great artisan.

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