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Lifesize Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light

Lifesize Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light

Lifesize Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light

No matter whether you're a huge fan of the Beauty and the Beast animated movie, the film, the play, or just the old French fairy tale or you just love the idea of falling in love with a monstrous beast in some creepy old castle, then check out this cool new Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light. This magical lifesize replica of the enchanted rose given to the prince by the enchantress is propped up in a dome that illuminates from beneath via a simple touch. Unlike the "real" one, this one won't lose any more petals on your quest to find true love than the ones that have already fallen to the bottom of the dome. Perfect as a bedside nightlight or just a way to illuminate a dark passage in your castle filled with your former cursed servants turned into talking furniture and various household objects.

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  • Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose light
  • Perfect replica of the rose from the actual film
  • The enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast… as a light!
  • This exquisite rose has already lost a few of its precious petals, just like in the film.
  • Looks just like the one from the film, without losing all its petals
  • Add a piece of mid-1700s French aristocratic charm to your home
  • Turns on and off with a simple touch
  • Powered by USB

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