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Himalayan Salt Bowl

Himalayan Salt Bowl

Himalayan Salt Bowl

This cool new Himalayan Salt Bowl from Charcoal Companion is a combination bowl / cookware / flavor enhancer that is made entirely from pink Himalayan salt, which can be chilled or heated to extreme temperatures of -320°F to 1473°F. When used as a bowl, the longer foods sits inside it, the more seasoned it becomes with the mild yet tasty pink Himalayan salt flavor. It can also be used to keep foods like salads crisp, guacamole fresh, or even ice cream properly chilled by placing it in the freezer for up to one hour, used as natural cookware to grill up shrimp or steak or even keep foods and appetizers like dips warm by placing it in the oven at 200°F–250°F oven for around 30 to 60 minutes. It can be used over and over again if properly cleaned and dried, but will eventually one day dissolve away completely. Cool huh?

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  • Naturally antimicrobial bowl retains heat and cold to keep food at ideal temperatures while it seasons them with Himalayan salt
  • Bowl can be chilled or heated to extreme temperatures of -320°F to 1473°F - has very low moisture content
  • Himalayan salt has a milder taste than ground salt
  • A unique way to enjoy and impart subtle flavor to guacamole, ceviche, gazpacho, fruit salad, ice cream and more
  • To heat bowl, place in 200°F–250°F oven for 30–60 minutes
  • To chill bowl, place in freezer for one hour
  • Chill the bowl in the freezer to keep salads cool and crisp
  • Heat it up in the oven before serving a spicy bean dip
  • You can even grill food like shrimp and steak in it
  • Bowl will maintain temperature for quite some time
  • Food will become more seasoned the longer in sits in bowl
  • To clean, scrub with mildly abrasive brush, pat dry and allow at least 24 hours before next use
  • The bowl may develop more surface depressions with each use, and will eventually dissolve completely
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Size: 11.38" L x 8.82" W - 7.98 lbs

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