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FLI PRO Telescoping Area Light

FLI PRO Telescoping Area Light

FLI PRO Telescoping Area Light


Light up the night when camping, playing backyard games and sports, fishing, working on late night projects, sitting on the beach, surviving a power outage, and much, much more with this cool new FLI PRO Telescoping Area Light from STKR Concepts. This handy mobile lighting solution is an eight foot tall telescoping pole on a tripod that produces 360 degrees of illumination for 40 feet in diameter using a ring of high intensity LEDS. It features 1200 true lumens of lighting power, 6 lighting modes, a convenient remote control, a removable multi-use flashlight with a magnetic base and hang hook, a high-capacity rechargeable battery with USB-C charging, and an aluminum tripod with an adjustable ball joint and leg extension ground spikes for extra stability in the wild. Check out this video to see it in action.

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