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Extra Firm Tofu Press

Extra Firm Tofu Press

Extra Firm Tofu Press

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Do you prepare a lot of Vegan and vegetarian recipes that use tofu that needs to be pressed to squeeze out all the excess water from the block beforehand? To do it right you need a good tofu press, but most tofu presses start flat and end up with a curved bulge when fully pressed, but that's not a problem with this cool new Healthy Express Extra Firm Tofu Press. This handy tofu press starts with curved plates that end up flat when fully pressed for an even tofu texture throughout. It features food-safe and BPA-free plastic plates with an optimal curve, large wing knobs for easy turning, durable stainless steel parts, and is fully dishwasher safe. In the end you will be left with perfectly squeezed firm tofu that crisps up better on the outside, remains tender on the inside, and absorbs much more flavor when marinated.

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