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myBOO - Ghost Hunter Mood Light

myBOO - Ghost Hunter Mood Light

myBOO - Ghost Hunter Mood Light

Are your kids (or you) afraid of ghosts in the night, monsters under the bed, creatures in the closet, or whatever else might be lurking in the quiet darkness of a bedroom at night? Then put their minds at ease before bedtime with this cool new myBOO - Ghost Hunter Mood Light. This handy supernatural nightlight is able to scan and detect any and all of the nearby ghosts and then keep you safely protected from any more until morning. Just give this spooky mood lamp a tap on the head to activate its ghost-hunting abilities. When it glows red, that means it's actively searching for and scaring away any paranormal threats. When it glows blue, it means it has detected friendly ghosts. Finally, when it turns green, the room is completely safe for the rest of the night. It can also be set to turn white to activate its guardian nightlight mode for extra protection. Hmm, I wonder what happens if it actually does detect a full blown poltergeist?

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  • myBOO Mood Light is a sweet little ghost here to protect you from bad ghosts
  • A beautiful and unique nightlight / ghost hunter for the children's room that makes sure that bad ghosts stay away
  • Activate it by pushing on/off button for 2 sec. Dim it by pushing again
  • When you tap the head it starts ghost hunting
  • After ghost-hunting, myBOO gives another ten minutes of white light. Then it dims out and it's sleeping time.
  • 1. First I search the room for ghosts and I scare away the bad ones. I'm red now.
  • 2. When I'm blue, I'm scanning the room to check if there are any sweet ghosts.
  • 3. And when I'm sure the room is completely safe, I turn green.
  • 4. I turn white, keep you company and protect you while you are asleep. Sweet Dreams!
  • Size: 8" x 6"

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