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Intoxicated Playing Cards

Intoxicated Playing Cards

Intoxicated Playing Cards

These cool new Intoxicated Playing Cards from Pikkii are a standard sized deck of playing cards, except each card has a varying level of woozy blurriness to up the difficulty level, plus they make all players begin to wonder if they've had one too many drinks on game night. They're perfect for fun drinking games with cards, unusual magic tricks and pranks, making it way harder for cheating players to sneak a peek at your cards, or just drinking alone and playing a sloshed game of solitaire. Best of all, no hangover... well, at least not from these tipsy-looking blurry playing cards.

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  • Intoxicated Playing Cards - Because normal is boring
  • Each playing card features a varying level of blurriness
  • Includes one standard-sized deck of uniquely blurry playing cards
  • Take your drinking games to the next level!
  • Each deck contains a full set of 52 cards + 2 jokers
  • Size: 3.5" T x 2.5" W

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