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Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker

Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker

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When you can't decide who's worse to vote for in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary or Trump, you should consider this great new third party candidate, Giant Meteor running for the Extinction Party. The cool new Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker is the perfect way to show your support for a powerful candidate who really knows how to get things done, solve all the problems this country (and the entire planet) is facing, and put an end to the misery of this endless circus of an election early.

Sure, Giant Meteor isn't too bright and should know better that a meteor vaporizes in the atmosphere and should really be called Giant Meteorite or even Giant Asteroid instead, but what difference, at this point, does it make? Supposedly, Giant Meteor is considering SuperVolcano, Runaway Climate Change, and SuperNova for its running mates and is currently on top of most intergalactic polls. Best of all, since Giant Meteor is already rich in valuable precious metals, it will be self-funding its campaign as well. HaHa... Hmm... :(

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Intoxicated Playing Cards
A standard sized deck of playing cards, except each card has a varying level of woozy blurriness to up the difficulty level, plus they make all players begin to wonder if they've had one too many drinks on game night.
Bigfoot Hoodie
This disturbing yet quite attention-grabbing hoodie features a highly realistic 3D all over printed hairy torso of the legendary missing link, Bigfoot.
Googly Eyes Chilled Gel Eye Pads
Fun chilled gel eye pads that look like giant googly eyes when placed over your closed eyelids to relieve tired, puffy eyes or just to relax and relieve stress.
Cat Butt Tissue Holder
Sure, a kitty keister is the last place one would expect to grab a tissue, but that's what everyone'll be doing when a standard square tissue box is placed inside one of these funny resin cats and the tissues are fed out through their behinds.
Giant Meteor 2020 Yard Sign - Just End It Already!
Giant Meteor has my vote this year!
Arnold Schwarzenegger Flexing Rear Window Wiper Decal
A fun decal for the back window of a vehicle that makes it seem as if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is flexing his arms every time the rear wiper moves.

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Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
The problem with fortune cookies is that they all predict good fortunes, but that's all about to change when you sneak in a few of these sinisterly cool new prank fortune cookies that range anywhere from shockingly cruel and evil to embarrassingly funny and hilarious!
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
When you flip the switch of this super convenient, energy saving light switch, a tiny lever pops out from the top screw hole and pushes the switch back to the off position. You'll never leave the lights on again. Ever.
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
Giant Meteor has my vote this year!
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
Last Christmas, I gave out real lottery tickets during a Secret Santa gift exchange, this year they will be replaced with Fake lottery Tickets! Every ticket looks like a real lottery ticket, front and back. When the victim scratches off the ticket, be prepared to laugh when they start screaming that they won $10,000 or $ 20,000! Sure it's an evil gift, but I just think of them as a really funny prank.
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
If this makes you laugh, it's probably because you're sinister with a dark sense of humor. Muahahaha!
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
This cool new I Love Shoplifting Tote Bag is sure to cause a few double-takes and / or closer looks from security guards as you shop.
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
Do you think anyone will even notice it mixed in with the rest of the ornaments?
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
An evil little gizmo designed to be hidden somewhere where it can never be found as it emits random annoying sounds like beeps, crickets, doorbells, and more.
Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker
When you flip the switch on this mysterious little box, a little finger rises up and switches it back off. That's it! That's all it does! lol

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