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Miniature Grow Greenhouse

Miniature Grow Greenhouse

Miniature Grow Greenhouse

Today is the first day of Spring, but if it's still cool in your neck of the woods to be out planting, then check out his cool new Grow Greenhouse. This miniature egg-shaped glass greenhouse from designer Caroline Wetterling lets you either grow nature's smallest flowers or use it as a nursery to begin a plant's sprouting right inside your home. It features two glass halves with a valve on top for air and moisture regulation and has a built-in removable spout for watering. This unique functional decor is perfect for bringing in that much needed slice of nature indoors to your home or office.

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  • Designer: Caroline Wetterling
  • Bring spring indoors with this greenhouse made of two handmade glass parts
  • Ideal for nature's smallest flowers and also as a nursery for a plant's first stages of life
  • Top has a valve for air and moisture regulation
  • Built-in spout - so you can remove and use for watering
  • Materials: Glass
  • Size: 9" H x 5" Diameter

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