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Wine Crate Vertical Garden

Wine Crate Vertical Garden

Wine Crate Vertical Garden

These cool new Wine Crate Vertical Gardens are self-watering vertical planters framed in rustic wooden crates that hang on the wall in your kitchen or patio or decoratively along the fence in your backyard. Each weathered-gray wine crate features space for up to nine 4" potted flowers or herbs, use simple self-irrigating planting trays, and include hanging hardware. Check out the video below to see a planting demo.

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  • Combine colorful flowers and herbs to create living wall art
  • No messy soil or planting - just place up to nine 4" potted plants on the self-irrigating trays and hang on a wall or fence
  • Weathered-gray finish of the wine crate adds a rustic charm to your kitchen or patio
  • Wine crate imprinted with the words Pomme-Rouge (or red apple)
  • Sized to fit under kitchen cabinets
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Size: 17" H x 15" W x 6.5" D - 6 LBS

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