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Garlic Grow Bag

Garlic Grow Bag

Garlic Grow Bag

If you have limited space, but love garlic and gardening or maybe you just have some pesky vampires prowling around in your neighborhood, now you can grow your very own potently fresh, gourmet organic garlic right on your patio, balcony, or deck using this cool new Garlic Grow Bag Kit. In the Fall, just fill the 200 quart fabric grow bag with potting soil, plant the included 1/2 pound of organic garlic cloves, feed with the included organic fertilizer, and place it in a sunny spot until it's time to harvest them the following summer. It's almost as easy as going to the supermarket, but way more fun. Now if time is of the essence to deal with the bloodthirsty vampires, then you had better start making a surplus of wooden stakes until the garlic is ready to pull up.

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  • Grow your own gourmet garlic anywhere
  • Plant garlic in fall, in full sun, for a harvest the following summer
  • Bag is made from 2-layer, BPA-free polypropylene fabric
  • Bag holds 200 quarts of potting mix
  • 36" diameter Grow Bag
  • 1 lb slow-release All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer
  • 1/2 pound of organic garlic (hardneck and softneck varieties)
  • Hardy in zones 3-8 USDA Zone Maps
  • Size: 36" Diameter x 12" H

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