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Spooky Skull Pumpkin Shaping Mold

Spooky Skull Pumpkin Shaping Mold

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This Halloween, why carve a typical, boring old Jack-o'-Lantern face into a pumpkin, when you can grow a pumpkin in your very own pumpkin patch that's shaped like a creepy human skull? Simply, attach this cool new Skull Pumpkin Mold from FruitMould around a baby pumpkin on the vine, wait for the pumpkin to grow and conform into the mold, and then pop it off to reveal a spooky skull-shaped pumpkin. The two-sided mold is made from heavy duty, transparent polycarbonate, works on watermelons and gourds too, and includes small holes to release any heat or moisture build-up during the skull-forming process. Now, if your pumpkin skull that rivals the one featured on the famous Halloween II Poster needs some company on Halloween night, they also make a Frankenstein's Monster Pumpkin Mold (his real name is actually Frankenstein "Frank" Frankenstein) and a Vampire Pumpkin Mold as well. They're also perfect for selling skull-shaped pumpkins at premium prices if you run a pumpkin farm or making skull-shaped soaps and candles too. 🎃💀

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