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Tea Garden Collection

Tea Garden Collection

Tea Garden Collection

Attention tea lovers, now you can grow your own fresh, USDA certified organic herbs for your tea with the Tea Garden Collection. This collection includes the following varieties: Roman Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, Moroccan Mint, Chocolate Mint and Oswego Tea. Your garden will now sport quite a fragrant and delicious scent.



  • Set of 6 USDA certified organic plants
  • Roman Chamomile: A soft, aromatic herb with delicate foliage and daisy-like flowers
  • Lemon Balm: A late-summer bloomer; foliage marked with a soft, lemony fragrance
  • Kentucky Colonel Spearmint: A fragrant perennial with classic mint scent
  • Moroccan Mint: A very fragrant member of the mint family, sporting small, lavender-hued flowers
  • Chocolate Mint: Leaves feature a decadent, chocolate-inspired scent reminiscent of an after-dinner mint
  • Oswego Tea: An early-summer bloomer featuring scarlet flowers on greenish foliage

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