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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock

Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock

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Hammocks would be much cooler if they weren't permanently strapped to two trees or giant stands and could easily be moved anywhere for a relaxing afternoon snooze. The solution is this cool new Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock. This ingenious portable hammock folds up and stores in it's own carrying case with handle when not in use, which makes it simple to bring along to the beach, campsite, yard, porch, poolside, bedroom, parking lot, hotel, office, or anywhere a hammock is needed. It features a durable powder-coated steel frame, elastic textilene fabric, four chain suspension, and includes a removable pillow. Best of all, this hammock doesn't become an eyesore in your backyard all year long when not in use.

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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock
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