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Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock

Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock

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A regular hammock may be great for hanging between two palm trees on a warm summer day with a tropical drink in hand, but this cool new yet quite warm Eclipse - Cordless Heated Hammock from Gobi Heat is designed to keep you comfortable when the temperatures turn frigid. This water-resistant camping hammock generates cozy, adjustable warmth across 3 integrated heat zones (head, body, and feet) using conductive thread technology and has built-in mosquito bug netting and a wind shield to further protect you from insect pests and the elements. It features 3 adjustable heat settings to dial in the perfect temperature, supports up to 400 pounds, and includes two nylon straps for easy setup and a handy carrying bag. It's perfect for taking along on camping trips, glamping trips, treacherous expeditions deep into the unexplored great outdoors, or just gently rocking back and forth while relaxing in your backyard on a chilly Autumn day.

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The Cocoon Hammock
The Cocoon Hammock by Heny Hall Designs just may be the most stylish and comfortable looking hammock I have ever seen. Even better is that this hammock cannot tip over like traditional hammocks do, since it is connected at all four posts. Unfortunately, its $19,500 price tag would make it nearly impossible for me to relax properly in it though.
Mega Hammock
This massive hammock is big enough for up to three people or perfect for one person to truly stretch out and relax on.
Mosquito Thwarting Hammock
Nothing beats lazily swaying in the summer sun on a comfy hammock, but when the squadrons of mosquitoes and other flying insect pests launch a full blown attack on your slumber it becomes a horrendous experience. The solution is this cool new Mosquito Thwarting Hammock.
Cat Crib - Cat Hammock For Chairs
This ingenious space-saving cat hammock attaches under chairs or tables and not only gives your furry friend a safe out-of-way sleeping spot, it also helps keep your home cat furniture free.
Handmade Cedar Wood Hammock
An unusual hammock with curved cedar wood slats that conform to your back's natural curve and side wings that make it stable and easy to get in and out of.
Roman Arc Cypress Hammock Stands
Nothing beats lying around hammocking in the warm summer breeze, especially on a hammock using a Roman Arc Cypress Hammock Stand.
Netted Cocoon Hammock
Hammocks are a great way to snooze the summer days away, that is until buzzing pests and attack mosquitoes decide to join your slumber. This is the solution.
Hydro Hammock - Portable Hot Tub Hammock
This super relaxing portable hammock for two is crafted from waterproof high-tensile strength marine quality canvas allowing it to be filled with fresh or ocean water and then heated using the optional Water Heater System.
Kijaro Kubie - Poncho, Hammock, Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Canopy, and More!
A versatile, multi-use 8-in-1 blanket that quickly converts into either an insulated poncho, sleeping bag, hammock, ground cover, shade canopy, hammock liner, blanket, or pillow

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Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
Fresh, clean water is essential when out exploring or in an emergency and this can provide it from almost any water source, wherever you may roam.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
Powerful eco-friendly air horn produces 50 half-second 115 dB blasts per filling of nothing but regular air!
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
This mega cache of zombie apocalypse survival blades includes 3 knives, 2 machetes, 1 parang, and 1 axe all rolled up in a durable canvas carrying case.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
Even though the world seems to have lost its collective mind lately, I think we still have the right to defend ourselves and own flashlights... I think.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
Whether it's an emergency / survival situation, construction / demolition job, or a voracious brain-munching zombie is in your way... you can't go wrong carrying this hardcore all-purpose tool.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
Just like checking your guns at the door in the Old West, I think I'm going to start making people check their obnoxious smartphones into this cool new Cell Phone Silencing Pouch that effectively blocks all radio signals, so phones cannot receive or send distracting calls, text messages, emails, transmit GPS coordinates, or even access the Internet - including this site.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
The Emergency Food Kit holds 275 servings of complete vitamin and mineral fortified nutritious meals in a portable weather-proof bucket with an amazing 20 year shelf life.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
A highly portable solar-powered inflatable lantern, task light, and flashlight that collapses when not in use and is waterproof to handle extreme outdoor conditions.
Gobi Heat Eclipse - Cordless Heated Camping Hammock
A portable handheld shower head that attaches via a hose to a rechargeable pump with built-in active filtration that draws water up from a bucket or container.

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