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Wine Barrel Stave Hammock

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Wine Barrel Stave Hammock

How does a wine lover relax outdoors during the summer? On one of these cool new Wine Barrel Stave Hammocks of course. These unique wooden hammocks are made from the smoothed, sanded and lacquer-sealed staves of a California wine barrel, spaced and joined with thick manila rope. It may sound strange, but the natural curve of the wooden staves actually cradle your body to keep you perfectly comfortable for a relaxing outdoor summer snooze.


  • Comfortable hammock utilizes the natural curve of the barrel staves to cradle your body
  • Staves are spaced and joined with thick manila rope
  • Pieces are smoothed and sanded
  • Lacquer-sealed for outdoor protection
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 30–32" spans of rope on each side for hanging from a tree or post
  • Size: 130-134" L

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