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Superhero Spider Web Wrist Shooter

Superhero Spider Web Wrist Shooter

Superhero Spider Web Wrist Shooter

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While you won't be able to swing through the city like a superhero spider person fighting crime, you can still pretend like you are when you launch webs from your wrist using this this cool new Superhero Spider Web Wrist Shooter. Just strap this spider web launcher to your wrist, strike your best 3 finger web slinging pose, and then press the wrist button with your last two fingers to launch a suction cup or magnetic tipped projectile up to 8 feet away attached to a web-like string. Then, with a press of a button, it automatically reels it all back in so you can repeat this over and over until you finally stop nerd-laughing. It's perfect for shooting cans and other small targets, impressing everyone at recess or in the office breakroom, snagging small magnetic or smooth and flat objects from across the room, superhero costume accessories, or just giving as a really cool gift. 🕸️🦸‍♂️

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