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Iceless Skating Rink

Iceless Skating Rink

Iceless Skating Rink

No matter whether you're a hockey player or figure skater who needs to practice on the ice or you're just learning to skate, then forget paying to go on the ice at your local rink and skate all day and night, even on the warmest days, on this cool new PolyGlide Ice Rink. This innovative synthetic ice rink simulates skating on real ice using your standard ice skates and can be placed almost anywhere there's a solid flat surface like the basement, garage, playroom, office, backyard, patio, and more. Each double-sided panel of this modular system are crafted from a durable polymer that mimics the slickness of ice, require no enhancer or spraying, and can be skated on both sides. Unfortunately, a Zamboni is neither needed or included.

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  • Iceless skating rink that can be set up in a basement, garage, or backyard for year-round enjoyment
  • Can be used with any standard hockey or figure skates
  • Comprised of durable polymer panels that mimic the slickness of ice
  • Solid Core, Double-Sided Panels can be skated on both sides!
  • Remain solid when set-up outdoors in warm weather or indoors at room temperature
  • Infused with a slick-enhancing agent that ensures low friction and allows the surface to remain slippery
  • Includes 12 panels with interlocking edges
  • Panel Size: 46" x 92"
  • Rink Size: 15 1/3' x 23' or 11 1/2' x 30 2/3'

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