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Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater

Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater

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Need a little extra warmth outside in the elements this winter? Then give your jacket an upgrade with this cool new Torch 2.0 Coat Heater. This innovative portable heater transforms any jacket into a toasty warm heated jacket. Once placed, it features 3 heat zones that direct all the heat toward your core, 3 power settings that range from 110 degrees to 130 degrees, and a super slim rechargeable battery pack that can also be used to charge up cell phones and tablets if needed. Perfect for wearing while shoveling snow, hitting the slopes, sporting events, hunting, walking from your car to the mall, or just anywhere you happen to have a jacket on, it's freezing cold, and you need an extra boost of warmth.

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Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
A unique waterproof rain jacket from Japan with built-in air conditioning fans to help keep you cool and dry on hot days, even during torrential downpours.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
This cool new Shearling Fleece Winter Dog Coat will look not only give your furry best friend a stylish and trendy new look on walks during the long cold winter months, it also helps them keep extra cozy and warm... just like human jackets do.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
This winter, keep your hands warm, your beer ice cold, and do it in trendy style by slipping your beer can into one of these cool new Puffer Jacket Beer Can Koozies.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
When you combine an umbrella, a raincoat, a poncho, and the latest in stylish alien fashion, you get something like this cool new UFO Raincoat.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
This new Puffer coat for dogs is designed for winter warmth and comfort with a snow and water proof soft outer shell and lining.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
When the winter weather outside gets truly frightful, bundle up your furry best friend in this cool new insulated Pet Parka.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
These adventurous insulated beer can koozies look like rugged, zip-up cargo vests with plenty of extra pockets that will never be used. Perfect for camping trips, jungle treasure quests, deep sea fishing excursions, or you're just bored and standing around outside and need a cold one while looking extra cool.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
This miniature puffy coat wraps up a standard wine bottle in comfort and features a zippered closure and a faux fur hood.
Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater
Never has there been a more fashionable jacket to wear when visiting your grandma's house, blowing down homes owned by pigs, wolf-whistling at the ladies, or just taking a stroll down Wall Street.

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