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Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater

Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater

Torch 2.0 - Universal Coat Heater

Need a little extra warmth outside in the elements this winter? Then give your jacket an upgrade with this cool new Torch 2.0 Coat Heater. This innovative portable heater transforms any jacket into a toasty warm heated jacket. Once placed, it features 3 heat zones that direct all the heat toward your core, 3 power settings that range from 110 degrees to 130 degrees, and a super slim rechargeable battery pack that can also be used to charge up cell phones and tablets if needed. Perfect for wearing while shoveling snow, hitting the slopes, sporting events, hunting, walking from your car to the mall, or just anywhere you happen to have a jacket on, it's freezing cold, and you need an extra boost of warmth.

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  • Stay warm in the snow, hunting, work, on the slopes, wherever you go
  • Portable, battery-operated heater designed to fit in ANY jacket of your choosing
  • Transforms any jacket into a battery operated heated jacket to fight the winter elements
  • 3 heat zones and 3 power settings allow you to perfectly control your core temperature in cold and unpredictable conditions
  • Can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to other jackets to heat every jacket you own
  • Heating pads direct all the heat toward your core so no heat is wasted
  • Super-slim 5V, 6,000 mah Rechargeable Lithium Polymer power bank battery heats up to 4 hours per charge
  • Durable, Super-Slim battery concealed in a hidden battery pocket
  • With a USB port, it is also capable of charging cell phones and tablets
  • Durable and lightweight construction weighs only 4 oz and can withstand all your winter activities
  • High Setting: 130° - 2.5 hours of use
  • Medium Setting: 120° - 3 hours of use
  • Low Setting: 110° - 4 hours of use
  • 3 Sizes Available

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