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Guzzle Buddy - Beer Bottle Glass

Guzzle Buddy - Beer Bottle Glass

Guzzle Buddy - Beer Bottle Glass

After you've chosen a great beer, the big decision is whether or not to drink it straight from the bottle like an animal or pour it into a glass for a more sophisticated and refined drinking experience. So why not do both? The cool new Beer Guzzle Buddy is a hand blown borosilicate beer glass that screws onto a beer bottle, letting you drink from the bottle and the glass at the same time which also ensures that you look extra classy doing it as well. To use, just screw the 100% silicone sleeve at the glass's base onto the neck of the bottle to create a seal, tilt the bottle up, and drink. it's also freezer safe if you prefer an ice cold frosted glass, is top rack dishwasher safe after you've finished, and also fits cider, soda, and other bottles of hard liquor. Makes a fun gift for any hoity-toity beer drinker or anyone who doesn't like pouring beer..

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  • Simply screw this hand blown custom glass into your favorite Beer bottle
  • Makes drinking from the bottle classy, Or just fun
  • Simply tilt the bottle up and drink normally, no splash, no mess
  • Also fits Cider and Soda and many bottles of hard liquor
  • FREEZER safe, for an ice cold, frosty glass
  • Made from the highest quality BPA and Lead-free strong borosilicate glass
  • 100% silicone sleeve that screws gently into most bottles to provide a perfect seal.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 12 oz

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