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Portable Vending Refrigerator

Portable Vending Refrigerator

Portable Vending Refrigerator

In my office I surely wouldn't mind a vending machine. At various times throughout the day, it would be an absolute delight to just lean over and push a button and have a can of beer or soda drop down. Well, now I can finally have that experience, on my desk, with this cool new Portable Vending Refrigerator. Like a large vending machine, this miniaturized one has 4 selection buttons that eject a chilled beverage can of your choice. It holds up to 12 cans, 3 cans per row, and has a transparent window so you can watch the can drop down. Best of all, no coins need to be inserted.

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  • Holds up to 12 cans, 3 cans per row
  • 4 buttons to eject the beverage of your choice
  • 110v AC or 12v DC connector
  • Cools 68 to 77 degrees below room temperature
  • Transparent face shows your can's journey
  • 17.3" x 10" x 22.5"
  • 12 pounds

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