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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen

My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen

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Let everyone at the office, at home, or wherever you happen to be sipping your coffee know exactly how you're feeling with just a quick glance down at this cool new My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen from Pikkii. This fun ceramic coffee mug has a whimsical nose sticking out on the side and includes a dry-erase marker to draw in the eyes and mouth in a style that conveys your current mood. Are you feeling happy, sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, perplexed, excited, sleepy, mischievous, confused, amorous, wide awake, annoyed, evil, stressed out, or just super jittery from way too much caffeine? Then simply draw that face on the mug to let everyone know right away. Now, when your boss eventually yells at you for drawing on your coffee mug all day instead of working, simply draw... a frowny face. Check out the video below to see it in action. ☕ïļðŸĪŠ

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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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My Mood Today Coffee Mug + Pen
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