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R/C Missile Launcher - Unstoppable Cube Warfare!

R/C Missile Launcher - Unstoppable Cube Warfare!

Here's another wonderful office toy of mass destruction, the R/C Missile Launcher from ThinkGeek. Simply grab the remote control and maneuver the vehicle into postition, angle the missile turret at your target and unleash hell on your fellow co-workers from up to 15 feet away. You can either launch one foam missile at a time or launch a rapid fire barrage. Take that Cindy in Accounting!


  • Shoots soft foam missiles up to 15 feet
  • Lights and firing sound effects
  • Moves in forward and reverse and can do 360-degree spins
  • Turret elevates to 45-degrees, rotates 350-degrees left and right and launches up to 10 foam missiles at once
  • Handles rough terrain and climbs a 30-degree slope
  • Includes 20 soft foam missiles
  • Rechargeable 9.6 V Battery Pack and 120V AC Wall Adapter Included
  • Includes 9V battery for controller unit

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