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Balance - Calming Wooden Stacking Stones

Balance - Calming Wooden Stacking Stones

Balance - Calming Wooden Stacking Stones

When you're bored of sitting at your office desk all day and need something to fidget with or help reduce stress and anxiety, try practicing the calming art of stone stacking using this cool new Balance by Suck UK. Instead of actual stones, this miniature stacking kit uses wooden shapes that look like beach pebbles to help you discover serenity, inner peace, zen, tranquility, harmony, mindfulness, and balance with the universe and relieve utter boredom. By the time you finish placing the final wooden stone on your temporary stack, bonus points if you use your mind to do it, you should feel right as rain. When not in stacking mode, it also makes a decorative rock cairn navigational marker in case you can't find your desk.

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  • Achieve mindfulness through the ritual of stacking stones in perfect balance
  • A beautiful display piece for any home that can be balanced over and over as a medium for calm and focus
  • Calm Club Relaxing wooden stacking stones
  • Look like beach pebbles - Made from wood
  • Extremely tactile rounded and polished
  • 100% recyclable packaging

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