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Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set Playing Cards

Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set Playing Cards

When you flip open the burnished brass latch of the wooden box and lift up the lid of this cool new Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set from Ellusionist, inside you'll find six sets of truly unique booze-inspired and 1920s Prohibition era-styled playing cards. Each set of playing cards looks like they would be most at home in the hands of mobsters in some hidden speakeasy surrounded by tommy guns and bootleg liquors. Each wooden box contains playing cards named after some illicit hooch, like Absinthe, Disparos Tequila, Rebellion Rum, Moonshine, White Wolf Vodka, and 52 Proof Whiskey. A limited edition run of only 3000 sets are being made and no secret password will get you one if you miss out.

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