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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table

Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table

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Sitting around for long periods of time at a desk isn't healthy and standing around all day isn't great either, but that can be solved with ergonomic, height-adjustable desks that help keep the body moving from sit to stand positions throughout the workday. But what about those LONG, boring meetings in the conference room? This cool new UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table is the solution.

This innovative height-adjustable conference table can seat or stand 12 people around it and quickly converts to a regulation-size ping-pong table when the meeting is over. It's a great way to keep the energy and productivity up in meetings and employee morale high as well with a few games of spirited ping-pong to break the monotony of the day. The table features a durable Moso bamboo tabletop, 3-stage legs that provide rapid up/down movement, 1-touch operation to encourage sitting and standing, and it includes a 14" leaf extension in the middle if needed. When it's time to play, just add the clamp-on ping-pong net in the middle, grab your paddles, and it's game on... or you can even have a meeting while playing! 🏓

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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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Height-Adjustable Conference / Ping-Pong Table
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