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Basement Pole Bar Table

Basement Pole Bar Table

Basement Pole Bar Table

Give that hideous support pole in the basement something else to do besides just holding up the entire house, when you wrap this cool new Basement Pole Bar Table around it to transform it into a spot to gather. These handy mini bar tables wraparound most support poles in a basement making them perfect for parties where guests are standing around and chatting with drinks and appetizers that need a great spot to be set down. Each round shelf-style table features two halves that are handcrafted in Minnesota from Western red cedar that come together and secure with a flange around poles up to 4" (3.5", 3.375", or 3.0" spacers are included), and can even be repositioned and removed for storage afterwards with ease.

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  • Designers: Darin and Briehn Mays
  • Even the homeliest basement support post can become a handsome gathering spot when it’s sporting this wraparound bar table
  • The two halves install quickly on any diameter pole thanks to the included spacers, and you can reposition or remove them just as easily
  • Handcrafted from western red cedar that’s hand-sanded and finished to a warm woodsy glow
  • This attractive and sturdy attachment turns a basement support post into a handy shelf-style table
  • Handmade in Minnesota
  • Table w/ attached flange fits a 4" pole
  • Include spacer set allows a fit for 3.5", 3.375", or 3.0" poles
  • Table Size: 21" Diameter

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