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Barrel Cork Catcher Accent Table

Barrel Cork Catcher Accent Table

Barrel Cork Catcher Accent Table

This cool new Barrel Cork Catcher Accent Table literally shows off how much you love wine by the number of corks you have tossed inside. This unique accent table is handcrafted from black-finished metal and has a hinged wooden top that opens up to insert the corks. It can hold hundreds of corks inside the cage, so invite all your wine-loving friends and family to open up a few bottles and contribute to the personality of this table and the memories it will hold.

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  • Accent piece with personality and uniquely sized to function as a small table
  • Creates a nostalgic collage of great bottles shared with good friends
  • Central plaque is a "blackboard" that invites you to chalk your thoughts
  • Handcrafted in metal with a black finish
  • Hinged wooden top opens so you can easily toss your cherished corks inside
  • Approximate Capacity: 400 to 500 wine corks
  • Size: 20" H X 14" W X 14" D

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