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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen

Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen

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When you need your personal space to have some actual privacy, simply unfold this cool new Friendly Border from German design studio Njustudio. This compact, personal pop-up partition screen is kinda like one of those fold out paper fans, except this is constructed from slightly translucent pleated fabric and designed to separate your space from others so you can focus without disruptions. It's perfect for creating personal retreats from others in libraries, open office plans, between car seats, sitting at the bar on a date, at the restaurant with your family, or just about anywhere you may want some privacy so you can... stare at your phone in peace.

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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
Merges the timeless beauty of nature with the quickly obsolescent beauty of technology into a single attractive functional form.
Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
Although I'd love to line my property with creepy giant stone heads like the mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island, but I guess I'll have to settle with lining my desk first with these cool new miniature Desktop Heads of Easter Island.
Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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Friendly Border - Personal Pop-Up Partition Screen
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