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Secret Stash Safes - Protect Valuables in Actual Product Containers

Secret Stash Safes - Protect Valuables in Actual Product Containers

If you keep your valuables in a giant safe in your home or office, I'm sure they are sort of secure, except they are in a giant obvious safe that the burglars can easily just grab and go and break into at their leisure. If they didn't know where or what the safe was though, the valuables would be much safer right? Right, you don't need a combination safe, you need a secret diversion safe.

The cool new Stash Safes protect your valuables inside actual non-obvious household products. Would a thief even think to look for cash and jewelry inside soda or beer cans, dog food cans or water bottles, especially if the cans are mixed in with real ones? Nope, they're going for the quick and obvious. Simply unscrew the bottom, stash your goods and screw the seamless bottom back on -- Safe. These types of safes are perfect for travelers, unfortunately, the Jurassic Park shaving cream can dinosaur embryo secret stash container is currently unavailable.

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