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Anti-Ticket Donut

Anti-Ticket Donut

Anti-Ticket Donut

Next time you get pulled over by the law for speeding, reach into your glove box, pull out the Anti-Ticket Donut inside a platinum colored can with windowed lid and offer it to the friendly officer in lieu of your registration.

Possible Outcomes

  • Laughs and thanks you for bringing humor to their day and lets you go ticket free
  • Ticketed for speeding and now bribery, tasered and arrested
  • Beaten, tasered, shot dead and framed for something embarrassingly horrible

So in other words, this is a novelty only anti-ticket donut, is not a real donut and will not get you out of a speeding ticket. Please, give only as a funny gift. If you are dumb enough to try and give this to a policeman, secretly videotape it and we'll be sure to post the results here!

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