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Mandylion Electronic Password Manager

Mandylion Electronic Password Manager

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As we dive deeper into our technological futures in the 21st century, our privacy, identity and security is becoming more and more at risk. As a mere mortal in this increasingly digital world, I'm about this close || to losing my mind, having to remember so many passwords for so many different things in my day to day life. I try my best to set difficult passwords and change them up regularly, but it's getting to the point where can't possibly keep up anymore. I need a hardcore solution!

The cool new Mandylion Electronic Password Manager creates, stores, secures and automatically updates cryptographically strong passwords, so you will never forget a password again. Not only won't you forget, you won't have to worry about coming up with strong passwords all by yourself either. The Mandylion complies with all Department of Defense, government and industry password security policies to provide military-grade password protection and encryption for securely managing up to 50 logins, safe combinations, security codes, etc. simultaneously.

Don't worry about others trying to hack into it either, because it has it's own automatic tamper-resistant, lockout and destruct security features as well. Only you can turn it on and access it, so, hmm,, don't forget this password. The LCD token can also be removed from its USB cradle and carried on your keychain when you need to take your passwords with you. All data is stored in permanent memory too, so it is unaffected by battery life or loss of power.

This definitely looks like a great solution for password management. The same technology was apparently tested and matured for 3 years in real warfare environments by the U.S. Military, so that gives me even more peace of mind. It sure beats having to remember where you hid all those yellow sticky notes with birthdays, pet names and 12345 as the passwords on them.

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