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IronKey - World's Most Secure USB Flash Drive

IronKey - World's Most Secure USB Flash Drive

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This is the 21st century and I'm not taking any chances with my identity, my data or my online security and confidentiality. I want hardcore protection and the perfect solution is the cool new IronKey. The IronKey has been designed to be the world's most secure USB flash drive for protecting data, passwords, files, secrets and encrypting and anonymizing your web surfing on almost any network or VPN.

The IronKey uses incredibly strong onboard hardware-based encryption and secure military-grade cryptography, has a tamper-resistant rugged potted metal case that is then filled with an epoxy compound to protect internal components, is waterproof to military specifications (MIL-STD-810F compliant) and securely and permanently self-destructs (internally) all data after 10 incorrect password attempts. It features a secure password manager for keeping all your Internet passwords safe for online banking, email, blogging, etc. and for protection against keystroke-logging spyware and other online threats. It includes a secure version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser so you browse the web privately, safely and securely in an encrypted stealth mode which is great for public computers, unsecure wireless hotspots, libraries, hotels and more. Finally, if your IronKey is ever lost or stolen, no problem, first the data is utterly secure without your password and will self-destruct during brute-force password guessing attempts or physical tampering and second, you can restore your data from a secure backup to a new Ironkey in minutes.

Whether you are an enterprise, the government, the miltary, a business traveler or just a regular joe with data you don't want anyone ever getting access to -- ever, the IronKey is the ultimate personal security data strongbox. Just don't forget your password!

Check out the video below to see all the technical details of the IronKey.

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