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75 Sheet Auto Feed and Level 4 Security Document Shredder

75 Sheet Auto Feed and Level 4 Security Document Shredder

75 Sheet Auto Feed and Level 4 Security Document Shredder

When you need to shred sensitive documents securely, quickly and quietly and don't want to stand around wasting time doing it, then check out this cool new Royal Sovereign Auto Feed Shredder. Unlike typical shredders that force you to manually cram a stack of papers in all at once leading to constant jams and overheating, this innovative shredder lets you place up to 75 sheets into an auto feed tray and walk away. It's designed to automatically shred documents one by one into tiny bits using level 4 security micro cross cuts (1/12” x 1/2” bits) and then stop when finished. It operates quietly at only 55 dB, which is comparable to normal conversations, has a 5.2 gallon capacity, and features jam free operation with overheat protection. A great solution for ensuring important documents are permanently destroyed, but even though it's automatic, you should probably still keep a watchful eye on it until it finishes.

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  • 75 sheet auto feed capacity conveniently and automatically shreds hands-free
  • Level 4 security - micro cross cut shredding - 1/12” x 1/2” bits
  • Provides quiet operation with a noise level of approximately 55dB that is comparable to normal conversations
  • Automatically starts shredding paper when inserted and automatically stops when finished shredding
  • Basket capacity: 5.2 gallons
  • Auto feed capacity: 75 sheets
  • Manual feed capacity: 7 sheets per pass
  • Jam free operation
  • Overheat Protection

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