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Shocking Autopsy Game

Shocking Autopsy Game

Shocking Autopsy Game

I think everyone had that cool Operation game from Hasbro when they were kids. Remember how you had to remove all the small pieces from the patient with the tweezers, without touching the metal sides or it would activate the loud buzzer and the patient's nose would glow red? It was kind of nerve-wracking and scary. Well, if you loved that game as a kid, you'll love the this new game called Shocking Autopsy.

In Shocking Autopsy, the rules are similar to Operation, but when you try and remove the the little pieces with the tweezers from the patient's body and accidentally touch the sides, you are the one who gets the electric shocking zap! I really love these evil shocking games coming out lately. They actually kind of hurt. Thankfully, the shock can be turned off and replaced with a loud scream if you are too chicken to play.

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