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Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!

Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!

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The cool new Exhale Fan is the world's first bladeless ceiling fan that generates a smooth cyclonic airflow that feels like a calm breeze blowing from the side instead of straight down. Inspired by Tesla's bladeless turbine, this minimalistic and ultra-modern ceiling fan utilizes the science of laminar flow and uniform circular motion to produce an uninterrupted 360° horizontal airflow in all directions at a 45° angle. This gently flowing and virtually silent vortex of multiplying air stabilizes a room's temperature, which helps reduce the strain on your heating or cooling system AKA saves you money. Check out the demo video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Vornado Glide - Vortex Room Heater
A whole room heater that gently heats all off the air in the room through vortex air circulation and it looks good doing it
Ventilux Foam Fan
Part foam, part aluminum and many bold colors, make the Ventilux Fan one seriously cool fan!
P-40 WWII Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan
These fun aviation-themed ceiling fans are designed to mimic the front of P-40 fighter jets used during WWII with three painted tip propeller blades and the iconic shark mouth logo on the sides of the nose.
Soleus Figure 8 Smart Fan
I'm looking for a new fan for the summer and I want a good one. In my searches I came across this really unique fan that is completely state-of-the-art. The Soleus 16 inch Figure Eight Back-Lit LED Fan with Remote does what no other fan I've ever seen do, it not only oscillates back and forth, it can also do it up and down or incredibly all at the same time to create a figure eight pattern. A stylish design, cool computer-controlled oscillation, quiet & powerful air flow and a handy remote definitely puts this fan on my to consider list.
Desktop Air Conditioner
This little air conditioner uses frozen water to create a personal climate-control system anyone can use. Fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze it, place it back in the chamber and turn the power on and enjoy.
Aero Sphere Fan
Upgrade your boring old box fan to this spherical teardrop-shaped one with a unique honeycomb design that channels the breeze generated from the blades inside out much further into the room.
Bionaire Bladeless Fan
If you've always wanted a futuristic bladeless fan, but didn't want to break the bank to get one, then check out this sleek, stylish and relatively inexpensive alternative.
IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
The world's first portable air conditioner / cooler that not only keeps your drinks ice cold, it keeps you cool as well.
EGO POWER+ Misting Fan - The World's Most Powerful Cordless Misting Fan!
This innovative, battery-powered outdoor misting fan delivers a cooling breeze mixed with a refreshing fine mist at air speeds up to 20 mph!

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Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
A massive shark sleeping bag that can comfortably swallow up children and most adults and doubles as a cuddly plush stuffed animal when not feeding on humans.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
This unusual body pillow has a middle head cushion / sleep mask that covers your face and head while pigtail style pillows on each sides can be contorted and wrapped around into a multiple range of comfy positions
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
This winged pillow is perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers and can be used as a cushion to support the lumbar or neck when sitting upright.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
Transform your bed into a cool adjustable angle bed for a fraction of the cost.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
This corner bar transforms an empty corner in your bedroom, entryway, closet, guest bedroom, or bathroom into an additional spot to hang clothes, a houseplant, comforters, tomorrow's outfit, or anything else you can think of.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
Better View is a series of perforated black out roller blinds. Light seeps in through the small cut out holes creating an image of a city by night. The cut-outs represent the light in the windows of apartment buildings and office complexes in the city.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
This unique rectangular mirror from Dutch designer Thomas Eurling has a smoky fading effect around the edges to give it a truly surreal look.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
A state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is not only smart, it isn't annoying.
Exhale Fan - World's First Bladeless Ceiling Fan!
Simply place the Nightwave on your nightstand, turn off the lights, lie down in bed and watch as the luminance of the soft blue light projected on the ceiling slowly rises and falls. As you lie there with your eyes open, try to synchronize your breathing with the pulsing blue illumination as its movement becomes slower and slower. This is an effective method to help you practice deep breathing, reduce mental activity, relax and hopefully fall asleep.

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