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Fake Bird Poop Prank

Fake Bird Poop Prank

Fake Bird Poop Prank

When you are unable to wish for enough birds to arrive and do their business all over a vehicle you targeted for bad parking or you just want to prank a friend for a few laughs, then you should check out this cool new Fake Bird Poop Prank. This bag of powder magically turns into the most realistic fake bird poop in the world when mixed with water. Just apply to cars, windshields, windows, and much, much more with a spray bottle or dropper. It's easy to clean up afterwards (f you get busted) and does not stain or damage paint or fabrics. Perfect for pranks, April Fool's Day, revenge, special effects, or anything else you think needs a huge white splash of faux bird poo.

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  • Realest looking fake bird poop out there
  • Just add 3 parts water to 1.6 part powder in a bottle and shake well
  • Use bottle cap to apply mix in small amounts at a time or make a hole in the bottle cap and squirt for larger amounts
  • Ideal application is with a pipette or dropper.
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not stain or damage paint or fabrics [Not recommended for use on Medium-Solid (MS) clearcoats]
  • Long shelf life once kept dry
  • Great for special effects or pranks
  • Perfect for cars, April Fools, bad parking, special effects, gag gifts, pranks, revenge, and more

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