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ThinkGeek Annoy-A-Tron - Turn On, Hide It and Laugh

ThinkGeek Annoy-A-Tron - Turn On, Hide It and Laugh

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There's nothing more fun than a good office prank and the ThinkGeek Annoy-A-Tron brings it to a whole new level of evil fun. The Annoy-A-Tron is a tiny thin electronic device that emits seriously annoying beeps (2 kHz, 12 kHz, or alternating) randomly in 2-8 minute intervals. Just turn it on and hide it (it has a magnet) and you'll drive your friends, family, co-workers and general public absolutely insane. Since the beeps are random and if hidden strategically, they'll never be able to track down the source and best of all, the battery lasts 3-4 weeks!. Even if they do somehow find this thing, they still won't even know what it is. My recommendation is to not take any chances and stock up and hide them everywhere throughout the office for some real fun. It's not only great for driving people in the office crazy, it's also great for your neighbor's garage or endless other devilishly clever locations!

Fun hiding spot ideas (don't break any laws): Ceiling tiles, wall sockets, in a computer, under the carpet, heating vents and ducts, cars, store shelves, restaurant tables, movie theaters (they'll never find it), church, etc. Let us know in the Comments other funny spots to hide one of these!

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